Feb 10, 2023

The No. 1 choice worldwide for material scanning, Sensortechnik Optical Belt Weighing Scales lead the pack in precision, innovation and accuracy. Revolutionising the way material measurement is handled and monitored, from aggregates to waste & recycling, stationary to mobile equipment.

Sensortechnik Optical Belt Scales are a contact free volumetric scanner. Using the latest laser technology, it effectively scans the material crossing the belt with a measurement accuracy of 1mm variance, 99.8% accuracy. You can rely on the precise production data, unaffected by external conditions. The scales are mounted on the head drum of the conveyor and have no moving parts, unaltered by wind, dust, temperature, vibration, and changing of conveyor angle.

Beyond its practical measurement application, it is truly an operations management tool. Providing in-depth quantifiable performance metric which you can use to power business and operation decisions. Know exactly how much material your crew and equipment are processing daily, essentially acting as the Owners ” eyes” on site, with real time progress. Giving you the ability to monitor production, you can spot operations issues before they cost you money and lead to downtime. As your data builds you can spot trends, catch wear replacement before they impact your production.

Simple to use and 10% more effective than anything else on the market. An investment that pays for itself.


  • Highly compatible for fixed, pivoting, folding, mobile conveyors
  • PLC Integration
  • Cutting-edge laser technology
  • Contact-free volumetric scanner
  • 99.8% accurate results
  • Unaffected by wind, dust, temperature, and vibration
  • Unaffected by changing conveyor angle
  • No moving parts
  • Maintenance friendly, no ongoing recalibration, minimal services required
  • Calibrate only once
  • Easily track performance
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