Apr 21, 2022

A shift to more sustainable, cheaper power sources will see Screenmasters Australia expand its range through the addition of electric and hybrid crushing and screening equipment.

Driven by the global need for cleaner, cheaper and more efficient production, the industry-wide shift to more sustainable equipment has continued to gain momentum and now, Screenmasters will expand its portfolio and offer an ‘E’ range of jaw, impactor and cone crushers and screens throughout Australia.

The shift has further been exacerbated by the international travel and trade restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years, as well as the more recent geopolitical crisis unfolding in Eastern Europe.

Screenmasters Australia general manager Andy Blythe says the shift to promote and sell Keestrack’s ‘E’ Range has been driven by both the requirements of the future and the current global landscape, which is fast-tracking the demand.

“There has been a clear move and shift in the end users’ demands for some time, especially when it comes to fuel and energy costs. The current global issues are bringing this to the forefront, driving the urgency, and, together with Keestrack, we are in a great position to support our clients and the industry” Blythe says.

“Both Screenmasters and Keestrack are prepared to support this development with a new range of ‘E’ models, that have been in the making over the past five years, and will be made available, right here in Australia.

“We are making that shift. It’s not just a shift in equipment but it’s also a shift in the service we provide as well.

“Screenmasters, and all of their partners, have been heavily impacted, just like many other dealers in Australia, with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. And now we have the developing crisis in Europe, which is only compounding the issues of energy costs, equipment supplies and logistics.”

In all, at least 10 different ‘E’ machine models of jaw, impactor and cone crushers, and scalper and classifier screeners, have been developed by Keestrack and will be arriving in the Australian market over the coming years, Screenmasters says.

Following over five years of development and rigorous testing, crushing and screening a vast array of materials in Northern Europe, Keestrack is pushing its way to the top of the class when it comes to mobile electric machines.

As the Australian dealer for Keestrack machinery, Screenmasters has invested further in the Keestrack range and plans to have ‘E’ machines in the country in the next 12 months.

Blythe says the relationship between Keestrack and Screenmasters has never been stronger, and they will continue to evolve the capabilities of crushing and screening machinery in Australia.

“In light of all the challenges ahead, we are highly positive and optimistic about the future with Keestrack. We clearly see their ambition, drive and capabilities in respect to innovating and introducing new products into the Australian market,” he says.

“The strong focus by Keestrack on mobile electric-plug in and hybrid driven crushers and screens, to reduce emissions and operating costs, is a big plus for end users and the Australian environment.”

According to Blythe, one of the main drawcards for Keestrack machinery is the ease of access to key components for maintenance and service.

“One of the big elements is that we believe Keestrack equipment is as good, if not the best, in respect to maintenance and service accessibility. The access [for maintenance on the machines] is as good as it gets and sets the standards.”

“In the grand scheme of things, not all machines are equal when it comes to maintaining them. Even simple things, like accessing a bolt in order to adjust belt tension – there’s nothing worse than taking 30 minutes to do a two minute job.”

Blythe, however, did recognise e-machines are not for everyone and Screenmasters will continue to serve customers who need and/or prefer existing technologies.

“We also need to serve our existing clients and also need to serve those who need and accept existing technologies,” he says.

The Keestrack R3h mid-size impactor crusher is the best in its class of diesel-hydraulic machines and has only just launched in Australia through Screenmasters.

The R3h boasts a ground-breaking design and has won a host of awards including the Prestigious Red Dot Design Award, German Design Prize and the Big See Award because of its innovative technologies.

Among the features of the R3h include sealed bearings, engine-to-crusher direct drive to produce more torque, and huge access doors for easy and safe servicing.

The R3h is also available in a full hybrid-electric version.

For more information on the new Keestrack electric or hybrid range, call Screenmasters on 1800 571 464.